Attractions & Curiosities
Sheffield and our local surrounds are over-running with interesting and unusual curiosities.
All within a 60 minute drive of Sheffield. So go out and have a good look around!
North West Safaris
Shop 3, 66 Main Street
Phone: 0410 613 091
0r 0400 922 873
North West Safaris is a new Eco tourism business based in Sheffield. We offer a range of guided mini-bus eco tours. Moutain Bike Hire. Kayak Hire and Fishing Gear all with with the purpose of showcasing the North West region.
Lemonthyme Lodge
Dolcoath Road. Moina
Off Cradle Mountain Road
Phone: 03 6492 1112
Bridal Veil Falls. Starting out from Lemonthyme Lodge, visitors can enjoy a fantastic walk that can be done in conjunction with Champagne Falls. Experience the delightful views across the valley of Lake Cethana to Lorinna.
Devils @ Cradle
Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary

3950 Cradle Mountain Road
Cradle Mountain
Phone: 03 64 92149
Located on the door step of the iconic Cradle Mountain National Park and World Heritage wilderness area, the sanctuary is home to a large breeding program of Tasmanian devils. Open to the public daily, visitors can see and get to pat these amazing little animals up close.

Tasmazia &
The Village of Lower Crackpot

500 Staverton Road
Promised Land
Phone: +61 3 6491 1934

Tasmazia is the world's largest maze complex comprising eight mazes together with the Village of Lower Crackpot, a whimsical model village built to 1/5 scale. The Embassy Gardens contain buildings to over 40 countries. It is a fun-filled venue for the young and young-at-heart.
House of Anvers
9025 Bass Highway
Latrobe Tasmania
Phone: 03 6426 2703
Fax: 03 6426 2351

Come and enjoy a Belgian style breakfast in a chocolate factory, morning tea in the old gardens, a fine Tasmanian lunch near a cosy wood heater or just browse through the chocolate antique display.
The retail shop provides tasting and sales of our fine Anvers Confectionery products.
R. Stephens
Tasmanian Honey
Pioneer Drive
Mole Creek Tasmania
Phone: +61 3 63631170


The leatherwood honey is produced from wilderness areas, many listed as World Heritage Areas bringing to you one of the finest quality products in the world.

This uniquely flavoured honey is only
produced in Tasmania.
The Emporium
Jenny Sergeant

38a Main Street
Sheffield Tasmania
Phone: 03 6491 2404
The Emporium is a store with quality antiques, collectibles, knick knacks, incense, gorgeous preserves and other home made goods. Delightful beanies and hats are handmade by Jenny using imported silks and other precious yarns. The stock is ever changing and it's a great place.
The Quiet Cone
298 Coal Hill Road
Tasmania 7307
Phone: +64 3 6426 2969


Step into a place where you will meet an entirely different 'you'. A place where you will feel both energised and incredibly relaxed all at once. A special zone where anxieties wash away and a sublime meditative state envelopes you.

Look around town!
The Colours of Life mural painted by the famous cantopop singer, Pakho Chau, stands proud in Mural Park, Sheffield. Pakho and his entourage made an expeditious visit to the town in May 2017 and left us with a wonderful memory.Mechandise available at Sheffield Murals ONLINE STORE.
The Tasmazia International Mural Fest is a unique mural art competitive event, held in April each year. Nine artist engage in a paint-off inspired by a single poem. They have six and a half days to complete a 2.1m x 4.8m artwork on boards set up in Mural Park. The paintings remain on display for a further twelve months until the next competition. Mechandise available at Sheffield Murals ONLINE STORE.

Eason Chan Mural
The participation of Eason Chan
(陳奕迅) the Cantonese Pop singer attracts many tourists to visit the mural he painted in 2007.
The Mural is located in Mural Park.

Sheffield 'Town Of Murals'. Delightful murals are painted on the side walls of most of the buildings throughout the town. Experience history told through art, as you wander through the outdoor art gallery. The first mural commissioned was of Gustav Weindorfer, a passionate mountaineer, naturalist and conservationist. Since then many more murals embellish the building in the town. More at: SheffieldMurals.com
Sheffield Museum also known a the Kentish museum preserves and displays artifacts from Sheffield’s history. Exhibits include agricultural machinery, minerals, shop fittings, old books, historical newspapers, pioneer household effects and clothing. Open from 10am until 3pm each day.
Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society currently has over 1km of track. Our steam train is hauled by a 1906 Krauss 610mm gauge loco and consists of Tasmanian heritage coaches – a hundred years old and still going strong!We operate steam train rides on the first full weekend of every month from the original Sheffield railway station.
More at Redwater.Org.au
Take a drive and look around!
Gowrie Park is located 16 km south of Sheffield. It is an excellent starting point for people wanting to spend their day climbing Mount Roland. A fabulous mural, the full length of an old building describes the dam project from the first surveyors to the current waterskiers. Although the town is now, virtually non existent, it has had a fascinating history.

Cradle Mountain
Just an hour’s drive from Sheffield, this iconic mountain and the beautiful Dove Lake are easily accessed at the northern end of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. There are numerous short, half-day and full-day walks that can be enjoyed in the alpine high country beneath Cradle Mountain. Be sure to check the weather forecast before a walk, as conditions can change rapidly.

Devil's Gate Dam
The overhanging crest allows flood water to freefall to the river bed, with up to 2000 tonnes of water falling every second during an extreme flood.

This is one of the thinnest concrete arch dams in the world. It was completed by the Hydro-Electric Commission in 1969 and is 84m high. The narrowness of the gorge and the computer-aided design of its double-curvature shape enabled engineers to minimise the volume of concrete and hence the cost of the dam. Flood waters falling freely from the crest strike concrete slabs carefully positioned on the abutments to prevent undermining of the dam by erosion.
More at Hydro Tasmania

Kimberley Warm Springs represents a rare land form and habitat, including rare flora and fauna, among which is an endemic snail. The Kimberley Warm Springs have long been regarded as a special place by members of the local community who are determined to ensure the on-going integrity of the site. Water from the springs remains at a constant temperature of 24-25°C. The water's chemical composition suggests it gains its heat from sub-surface materials. Facilities include a sheltered BBQ area, parking and public toilets.
More at:

Wilmot Letterbox Trail
Visitors can enjoy the stunning hinterland scenery and the quirky Novelty Letterbox Trail. Drive along route C132 towards Cradle Mountain to Wilmot, the Valley of Views. The winding roads offers the best panoramic outlooks over Cradle Country.

Lake Cethana
The walk starts at the junction just before turning into the Lemonthyme Lodge. The walk takes about 2 hours. This is another good walk to observe all the varieties of vegetation of the area. After crossing 2 areas of cleared land the track crosses a fern gully, beyond which there is more forest until the track finally terminates in the back water of the lake. This walk is graded as hard because the return trip is a long haul back uphill. Duration 2 hours 

Railton is part of Tasmania's "Outdoor Art Gallery" - you will find more than 100 living sculptures of character topiary waiting to be discovered. The wonderful thing about Railton's topiary is that it is a free activity - and interesting to all ages! It costs you nothing but your time to stroll around the topiary exhibits. It is a fantastic project and you will see topiary in all stages of growth along the topiary trail. The topiary park is located in Crockers Street, Railton just behind the Looking Glass Cottage.

Lake Barrington The lake is now one of the finest rowing venues in the world and a previous site of world championships. The area is also excellent for water skiing, canoeing, trout fishing, camping. An adventure playground and a two-hour family nature walk through the rainforest. Facilities for visitors include picnic sites, boat ramps and toilet facilities.
Marakoopa Cave - Karst National Park - Mole Creek
Marakoopa Cave is a limestone cave in Mole Creek Karst national park, north west Tasmania. The Mole Creek Karst National Park includes some of Tasmania’s most visited cave systems, including Marakoopa and King Solomon's Cave, two of over 300 known caves and sinkholes in the area. Marakoopa Cave features two underground streams, a large display of glow-worms, large caverns, rim pools, reflections and shawl and flowstone features. Phone: 6363 5182

Mount Roland looms over Sheffield. It rises to 1234 metres and a number of well marked bushwalks are all suitable for a day of pleasant exercise. There are walking tracks from both Claude Road and Gowrie Park to the The summit. The reserve consists of 7600 hectares surrounding the range. The walk takes in the plains and plateau leading to the summit of the peak.

Ashgrove Cheese Factory - Elizabeth Town
Cradle Mountain Helicopters - Cradle Mountain
Looking Glass Cottage - Fibre Optic Magic - Railton
International Mural Fest - Sheffield
Seashells at Sheffield - Sheffield
Sherwood Hall (Historic House) - Latrobe
Studio Tasmania - Sheffield
Trowunna Wildlife Park - Mole Creek
Villarett Gardens - Moltema
Wychwood Garden and Nursery - Mole Creek