Nature Walks
Arm Falls
An easy 20 minute walk off the C138/C171. For more information call Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
Bridal Veil, Champagne and No Name Falls
All of these falls are moderate 90 minute to two hour return walks accessed from Lemonthyme Lodge off the C132. Staff ask that you register your walk with them. For more details contact Lemonthyme Lodge.
Phone: 03 6492 1112 www.lemonthyme.com.au
Forth Falls
The Forth Falls walking track forms part of the Tasmanian Trails network. The moderate walk is through temperate forest with views over Lake Barrington and goes along to Quoll Point. The walk takes about 30 minutes. You will need to wear appropriate footwear as the track can be a bit wet at times. For more information about access to the Falls call:
Karen 03 6492 1394 or view www.escapeto.com.au
Hogg Creek Falls
A moderate 45 minute walk on the C144. Park vehicle on roadside and climb stile for access. For more details and information please call Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
Alum Cliffs
The Alum Cliffs are within the Alum Cliffs State Reserve and form a part of the Gog Range. Track is generally dry underfoot and has some gentle uphill sections. An easy 40 -50 minute return walk but there are steep vertical cliffs so children must be supervised. The Alum Cliffs track is reached, via a signed loop road, from Mersey Hill Road off the B12 between the townships of Mole Creek and Chudleigh.

Bell Mountain Walk
At 803 metres above sea level the climb is steep. At the top there's a commanding 360 degree view including virtually the entire Western Tiers, Walls of Jerusalem, Black Bluff, Lemonthyme Valley, Cradle Mountain, Mount Roland, Lake Rowallan and Bass Strait to the north. A steep one hour short walk accessed from C132.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.

Cradle Mountain National Park
The months of December - April are recommended to walkers inexperienced in Tasmanian conditions. However, walkers are warned that rapidly changing weather conditions can occur at any time of the year. These can include howling winds, sleet, snow, relentless rain and blazing sun. It is recommended that you obtain the latest weather forecast before setting out.
Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.

Devil's Gullet
A short alpine walk to a stunning lookout standing atop a 600m (1800 ft) of sheer cliff face. 180° views across the huge chasm, amazing views to Mount Ossa, Cradle Mountain and other features of the Fisher River valley. A moderate half hour return walk. Access on gravel road from C171 off the C138.

Dooley's Track
Dooleys Track was originally surveyed by James Dooley in the 1850's to provide a supply route for packhorses servicing miners along the river to Gad Hill. A loop track has now been created to allow for a return journey with low water crossings marked along the route. Dooleys Track leaves Alma Reserve along Jamiesons Road.
Dove Lake Circuit
A moderate two hour circle walk around Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park. Walkers must register their walk with Parks and Wildlife.

Catch the shuttle bus to the lake from the Cradle Mountain Cafe and Information Centre or from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Information Centre.

Badgers Range Kimberley's Lookout
The first part of this walk is a bit steep but then it levels out it is an easy going walk with medium gradients. Excellent views of Sheffield, Mount Roland, Cradle Mountain and Bass Strait. A good 90 minute return walk. Access is via High Street until it turns into Nook Road, just out of the Sheffield township.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.

Lake Cethana
The walk starts at the junction just before turning into Lemonthyme Lodge. The walk takes a couple of hours. This is another good walk to observe all the varieties of vegetation of the area. After crossing two areas of cleared land the track crosses a fern gully, beyond which there is more forest until the track finally terminates in the back water of the lake. This walk is graded as hard because the return trip is a long haul back uphill. For more details contact Lemonthyme Lodge. Phone: 03 6492 1112
Sykes Sanctuary is 40 acres of bush land with abundant bird life, walking tracks and memorials to Norman Sykes. He was an eccentric conservationist who gave up city life to live in a small shack, close to nature. He bequeathed his property to the Railton community with the instruction that it be conserved as a bird and fauna sanctuary. Access to Syke's Sanctuary is off the B14 at Railton.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
O'Neil's Creek Nature Trail
O'Neil's Creek Nature Trail is an easy 15 minute walk (approximately 700 metres to O'Neil's Road) and leads to the start of the Mt Roland Regional Reserve walking tracks. You can access the trail from the C136 at the O'Neil's Creek Picnic Reserve. Spectacular Mt. Roland forms the backdrop to the Mt. Roland Regional Reserve east of O'Neil's Creek Picnic Reserve.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
O'Neil's Creek originates from rain water from the watersheds off the western face of Mt Roland and Mt Van Dyke. Water from O'Neil's Creek flows into the Dasher River and eventually into the Mersey River. O'Neil's Creek is host to the iridescent dragonfly, frogs, yabbies, freshwater crayfish and platypus. There is logging evidence from a bygone era. You may encounter tree stumps with notches cut out of them for holding boards that were used for axemen or sawyers to stand on whilst felling trees. Bullock teams or horses were used to skid out the logs.
Marakoopa Fern Glade Walk
An easy 1/2 hour loop 'all-weather' walk starts at the Marakoopa Cave car park and leads to the cave entrance, following the creek as it tumbles down the hillside from inside the cave itself.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
Stoodley Forest Walk
Located on the Railton-Sheffield road this site provides something different from the eucalypt dominated forests. Experimental forest types planted here in the 1940's helped determine today's most viable species. A 30 minute loop walk takes you through towering exotics, such as Douglas Fir, European Beech, Radiata Pine and a fine stand of Tasmanian blue gum. Because this plantation area is in a sheltered secluded valley, most of the species have grown to great size. In fact one of the radiata pine is now over 60 metres tall, which is the tallest on record in the southern hemisphere. Access off the B14.
For more information call Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 6491 1036.
Mt. Roland Walking Track
Mount Roland stands at 1234 meters above sea level and provides a stunning backdrop to the Kentish Municipality. 7600 hectares surrounding the range was designated to the Mt Roland Regional Reserve in December 2000. The walk takes in the plains and plateau leading to the summit of the peak. There are two tracks to the summit.
Mt Roland Face Walk starts from Claude Road Village on Kings Road off the C136. The track turns into a steep mountain climb. This track is not recommended as it is potentially dangerous, steep and awkward. Walking time takes from three to five hours return.

The second walking track starts at Gowrie Park Village on O'Neill's Road off the C136. Walking time takes from four to six hours return. This is the best track to walk to the summit as it is maintained through the forest and has a moderate incline. From Gowrie Park Village, travel towards Sheffield. Make a right turn into O'Neill's Road and drive for approximately one kilometre to the car park. The walk has a moderate incline and follows a jeep track for a few kilometres. You will pass a couple of waterfalls and creeks. Then you will come to a log bridge that crosses O'Neill's Creek. The trail becomes a narrow track and starts to steepen. The track continues for a further thirty minutes in order to reach the saddle at 900 elevation. Reggie Falls can be seen from this point. A left turn is then necessary to reach the summit of Mt Roland. The track rises gently across the plateau and the summit is approximately an hour away. The trig point at the top of the summit provides spectacular 360 degree views to Bass Strait, Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff. Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.
The Overland Track

The Overland Track is located in pristine World Heritage Area and has the reputation of being one of the most stunning wilderness walks in the world. The walk takes approximately 5 - 7 days to complete and demands substantial preparation and physical fitness. Experience the sensation of walking through dolerite mountains and pristine wilderness. View moss-lined waterfalls, expansive lakes and marvel at the abundance of Tasmanian native flora and fauna. This 65 km walk extends from Cradle Mountain to Narcissus Bay on Lake St Clair.

For Overland Track bookings, go to
www.overlandtrack.com.au. You will find access to the Overland Track Booking System as well as relevant information on Overland Track Fees and National Park Passes. Bookings open July each year for the coming season.
Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.

The Tasmanian Trail
The Tasmanian Trail is a long distance (480 km) multi-purpose recreational trail extending from Devonport on the northern coast to Dover in the south. The Trail is accessible to walkers, mountain bike riders and horse riders. The Trail passes through a variety of spectacular landscapes, farmland, forest and highland plateaus.

The Tasmanian Trail guidebook has all the information needed for walkers, horse riders, mountain bikers and can be purchased at the Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 6491 1036.
Walls of Jerusalem

Walls of Jerusalem National Park. A steep eight hour return, overnight, or longer stay walk in a World Heritage Area. There are no facilities of any description and all supplies and camping gear must be carried in. There is only one track into the walls but once in the area there are more walks and mountain climbs available. Milestones along the way include Trapper's Hut; Solomon's Jewels; Herod's Gate, Lake Salome; Damascus Gate and other walks will require an overnight stay.

Kentish Visitor Information Centre. Phone: 03 6491 1036.

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