Welcome to Sheffield Tasmania
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Sheffield in History

In the early 1800's the Kentish area was discovered by explorers and surveyors working their way north, through what would have been native bushland.

Sheffield in 2015

In modern days, Sheffield attracts over 200,000 visitors each year, to see the murals painted on walls throughout the town and buildings along the roadside.

*Main Street heading West
*Main Street heading East
*High Street looking South to the snow on Mt Roland
In the latter part of the century the Sheffield area opened up with land for sale, then settlement began. The township of Sheffield and its rural surrounds grew slowly as people moved into the area bringing trades, knowledge and skills for the town to be self sufficient.
*Sheffield School
*Sheffield 1st Scout Group about 1930
In the mid twentieth century an economic upturn was embraced by the town when the Mersey-Forth Power Development Scheme came through the area in 1963. Over the next ten years the town was booming with the building of seven dams and seven power stations. After the work was completed Sheffield returned again to its rural ambience.

In 1985 it was ascertained that a town in Canada had been in a similar situation as Sheffield, and had used murals to attract tourism to the area. There was renewed inspiration to get Sheffield pumping once again, so Sheffield, as 'The Town of Murals' was reborn.
Mural Fest at Easter
Sheffield is the epicentre of the entire Kentish district. We have festivals, murals, cafes, street performers, unusual curiosities, galleries, museums, specialty and shops of course artists and artisans in their studios.
Colourful Characters: Pedro, Ludo, Manuel
The natural beauty of the area also beguiles artists of every discipline. Including photography, fine art, glass, woodcraft, pottery, ceramics and specialised crafts such as wool dyeing and many other handcrafts.
SteamFest every March
So many natural attractions from the perfect 360ยบ vista on the summit of Mount Roland, the warmth of nearby thermal springs, vineyards and the dizzy depths of Devil's Gate Dam, have made the Kentish district a truly magnificent place to relax and enjoy the lifestyle.
Taste of the Northwest each April
Sheffield townsfolk and visitor alike enjoy the quaintness of this lifestyle. It's quiet yet there is always something happening whether it be the Town Hall Markets, Steam Train Rides or one of the many regular festivals in the town.
Spectacular scenery all year